Telemetry Services

We define telemetry as the process of collecting data from equipment to report failures to your Network Operations Center (NOC). This allows your operators to respond to troubled events in a timely & efficient manner to correctly repair equipment from remote sources.

It takes several different types of components working together as one to keep your network running at full capacity 365, 24, 7…

Here at Infrastructure Solutions Inc. we understand you need accurate, detailed information about everything involved. This means a fully functional monitoring system for your base telecom equipment but also the equipment that supports it. We have the team in place to ensure your assets are covered, with years of knowledge working in all regions to ensure you will have the most accurate & up to date system to protect you & your customers.

  • Telecom & transport equipment: routers, switches, GPS, wireless.

  • Power Supplies: Generators, Battery Plants, AC Power, UPS systems, Rectifiers.

  • Building & Facility: Fire / Smoke, Doors, intrusion, Cameras, Card Readers, Leak detectors.

  • Environmental Conditions: Temperature & Humidity.

We provide solutions that offer you a piece of mind, we understand that a perfect fit system is one that is designed for your network equipment, your available data, & your budget.